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How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

If you are ready to make positive change in your life  AND you are ready to put in the work to make that change happen, then you are likely a great fit for coaching.

As a Coach, I identify and describe current problematic behaviors to help the client modify them. Therapists analyze their client’s past as a tool for understanding present behaviors. In other words, therapists focus on “why” certain behavioral patterns occur, and coaches work on “how” to work toward a goal.

I am neither a medical doctor, therapist, or counselor and do not provide these types of services.  

5 Traits of a Good Coach

They master the art of “active listening.”
Active listening skills are critical to being a good coaching, because the success of the coaching relationship is built upon how well you communicate with each other. Mentors who know how to listen actively will not simply sit back and listen to what someone has to say; they will go the extra mile to make sure their mentees know they’re being heard. Active listeners will sit up straight, take notes, ask open questions that push discussion, repeat what they’ve heard to clarify their understanding, and provide verbal gestures to show they’re following what you’re saying.
They’re willing to share skills, knowledge & expertise.
People who are not just in it for themselves and genuinely care about the success of a business make the best coaches, because they’re not greedy or coy with the skills and experience they have to offer. Instead, they’re actively invested in the success of others in the organisation, want to see people do well and are willing to teach others what they know in order to help them.
They act as a positive role model.
More than anything else, good coaches should be good role models to the people they’re developing. The best coaches are people who take pride in what they do, want to grow and truly care about their own careers, as they are more likely to want to make the most out of their mentoring programme. What’s more – because they carry high expectations for themselves, they will bring high standards into the coaching relationship and push for ambitious goals in their mentees too.
They focus on helping others to “problem solve.”
Good mentors understand the value of practical guidance and feedback in helping someone to think about and solve personal and professional problems constructively, which is what mentoring is all about. What’s more – they can ask the right questions and prompts that allow others to understand their strengths and weakness and set appropriate career goals for themselves.
They value ongoing learning and growth.
Good mentors know they can learn something from anyone and anything, and therefore actively look out for opportunities for further education. They understand that they have just as much to gain from coaching as the person they are coaching, and that the relationship can expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking that will aid their personal and professional growth.

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