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Freedom from Addiction and Destructive Patterns for a Life of Empowerment and Fulfillment

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Coaching has the transformative power to unlock untapped potential, providing you with the clarity, strategy, and motivation needed to achieve their goals. It is a dynamic partnership that not only accelerates personal and professional growth but also empowers you to navigate challenges with resilience and confidence.

Discovering Yourself

No more waiting for the “perfect” moment – the moment is now. Answer the call to overcome people-pleasing, perfectionism, and procrastination, and step into a life of purpose, authenticity, and action.

Mindset Makeover
Mindset Makeover

Revamp Your Mindset in Just Four Weeks! Are you ready for a mindset makeover that will redefine your path to success? Dr. Gigi presents an exclusive four-week program designed to revolutionize your mindset and propel you towards unparalleled personal growth. Discover the transformative benefits that await you on this extraordinary journey.

Peter Aluma

“Dr. Gigi helped me to move pass my depression and crippling procrastination. I lost my mojo and talked badly to myself. I am grateful to Dr. Gigi for her warmth, support and genius.”

Paula Haines

Working with Dr. Gigi has been nothing short of life-changing. Her insightful guidance and unwavering support have empowered me to break through limiting beliefs, embrace my true potential, and create a life that aligns with my deepest aspirations. I am forever grateful for the transformational journey she guided me through, unlocking a new level of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Renesmee Thomas

Partnering with Dr. GiGi has been a profound experience. Her skillful guidance and empathetic approach have been instrumental in helping me navigate significant life changes. Through our sessions, I’ve gained clarity, developed a stronger sense of purpose, and acquired practical tools to overcome obstacles. Her coaching journey has been a catalyst for positive transformation, and I highly recommend their expertise to anyone seeking meaningful change and personal growth.

About Dr. Gigi

Dr. Gigi Smith

Energy Healer

A chronic people pleaser and product of childhood trauma, I’ve known what it was to struggle with low self esteem, depression, addiction. For years, trauma created a void that I tried to fill externally with prescription pain pills, alcohol, and undeserving relationships despite what many would have considered to be a wildly successful external life. I had the executive title, the money, and the freedom to do just about anything I pleased, however I was plagued with an internal battle of never feeling good enough! Through tapping and deep inner work, I learned that peace, happiness and tranquility is an inside job. Let me show you the way to have ease, flow and grace in your life by Tapping with Dr. Gigi!