Tapping into Source



It’s never too late to shift your perspective and reclaim your life!

A 60 day group immersion to shift your perspective and reclaim your life!

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Tapping into Source

The source of your happiness and fulfilment are within your grasp.

Divine Woman,

As a recovering “people pleaser” and “nice girl,” I know the struggle is real.

Allow me to change your perspective with divine guidance through EFT Tapping so you can experience life more fully. EFT Tapping is a proven method to release those limiting thoughts and beliefs that have you feeling stuck. If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely been uninspired and deep in the muck of debilitating depression and/or anxiety.

Tapping Into Source can release the shame and guilt and allow you to finally step into your purpose and pleasure!

Our Formats

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All Classes

Group Classes

If you are ready to go far and wide in your healing and create the community you’ve always wanted, the Group immersion is the way to go.

Private Coaching

Our private coaching resonate with those with busy and hectic schedules.  These courses are designed with your needs in mind and allow you  to complete them at your pace.

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Pay in Full Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Two emotional release healing sessions with a master kinesiologist to activate your abundance mindset.                                                                                Value $1,497

  • Bonus #2:  1 month of text integration support up to 30 minutes per week, Tues to Thurs from Noon to 6pm PST.                                                                                   Value $1,997

Payment Plans

  • Option #1: $2,997 upfront plus $1,200 in 30 days.  (2 total monthly payments totaling $3,197)

  •  Option #2: $2,997 upfront plus 2 equal payments of $800 each for two months.  (3 total monthly payments totaling $3,597)


Tapping creates freedom and:

      • Helps you get out of our your own way.
      • Walk through the blinding disbeliefs.
      • See circumstances and events differently.
      • Gain a new perspective and mindset.
      • Enabled me to get out of bed.
      • Liberate yourself from depression, shame & guilt.
      • Experience more joy, liberation and empowerment.
      • Heal you sense of unworthiness.

Tapping makes us feel:

      • Heard
      • Seen
      • Felt.

Promo Price $2,997

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Tapping into Source

What you get, Beautiful,

  • VIP Kick off Session                                     Value $997

Get clear on what you desire to rewire and create the  clear action steps to bring this into your life.

  • Crystal Healing Book                                   Value $97

Step-by-step training on how Crystal Healing can help  you achieve your goals.

  • Eight Soul Awakening Sessions               Value $4,561

Tap into your unconscious mind then recalibrate and reclaim the highest version of yourself.

  • Eight Breath & Visualization Sessions    Value $5,564

Emotional release to connect you with your body,  express your emotions, & freeing you up to embrace  your dreams.

  • Eight Theta Healing Activation                  Value $3,564

Change your belief systems so that you can live a happier life with abundance, joy, health and love.

  • Sound Healing Meditations                       Value $597

Journey into the deepest parts of yourself as you release old blocks, rewire your cellular system and bring in newfound levels of health and wellbeing.

A 60 day group immersion to shift your perspective and reclaim your life!